This is our entry level SGS 1.

A one-metre cable is supplied. Connection to housing or signal ground ( spare RCA, a connector sleeve provided. )  After a few minutes and more you will hear the soundstage begin to open up, with new nuances, separation of the instruments, improved dimensionality, and sheer musical involvement. With even further gains as it is left overnight.

This has now been revised for the next generation with improved cable.

Usually the DAC, media player, preamplifier or integrated amplifier is the first connection to be made.

Connect the supplied cable to the SGS 1, either with the cable lug or with the banana, as supplied then connect the copper lab clamp to the cabinet (loosen a chassis screw if you prefer ), listen to it for an hour or two, then replace it and connect it to a spare RCA ( a RCA jumper is supplied). Listen again for about the same amount of time and decide which you prefer. The chassis or the RCA  signal ground ) leaving the preferred connection in place overnight and is more beneficial for further gains in performance.

Repeat this process with the next auxiliary device and decide which is best for maximum performance.