The Pinnacle 2 is intended for a system that may have few ancillary devices and therefore does not need multiple connections. If you are careful, you can connect more than one cable to each terminal connection. Once optimised, either by signal or chassis ground, it will stay in present and future system configurations for many years, as you will not be able to have an ordinary listening session without it.

Your system will change completely once it is connected to the preferred signal or chassis ground, after about 20 minutes once it is energised, and even further in the following days. nuances and details like never before, with far greater musical involvement, placement, dynamics, frequency extremes, instrument/voice expression, timbre/tonal density, simply Much lower colourations are achieved.

Usually the DAC, media player, preamplifier or integrated amplifier is the first connection to be made.

Connect the supplied cable/s to the Pinnacle device, either with the cable lug or with the banana, then connect the copper lab clamp to the cabinet (loosen a cabinet screw if you prefer ), listen to it for an hour or two, then replace it and connect it to a spare RCA ( a RCA jumper is supplied). Listen again for about the same amount of time and decide which you prefer. The chassis or the RCA signal ground )

Repeat this process with the next auxiliary device and decide which is best for maximum performance.

You will now hear crescendos with much greater control and space with many more dimensions ! The noise floor is spookily low with all the generated noise dispelled almost completely.

Included are two one and half metre extreme cables.

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