Get Grounded and be Immersed.

Hi Andrew,

The SGS 1s arrived safely last week. Many thanks.

Interesting. I initially tried it via chassis ground to the DAC, largely because that's how I'd used the Tripoint. Certainly a difference, does what it says on the tin, much as you describe on the website. A little more resolution, image density and sense of ambient space, a positive impact with no discernible down side. What it didn't do was deliver the clarity and sense of easy flow, a real sense that a layer of distortion has disappeared that the Tripoint delivered. Given the difference in cost, no great surprise.

Okay, so to the surprise. Having run the system via chassis ground and gotten a feel for what the SGS was doing there I switched to signal ground, attaching the ground wire to the left channel RCA output of the DAC. Well, blow me, digital is now delivering that clarity that I felt was missing. That sense of ease and lack of distortion (that you don't know is there until it's revealed by the likes of a Tripoint) is very much in evidence. 

Very impressed, the SGS 1s has taken my digital setup in the direction I'd hoped it might and much closer to my vastly more expensive analogue chain. 

While the Tripoint has gone so no back to back compare I'd suggest that the SGS 1s is delivering in a not dissimilar way to that much more expensive unit, in my case via signal rather than chassis ground. 

I've only experimented with the DAC thus far.

We discussed a second ground wire on the phone. Is there any degradation of the effect when attaching further grounds to the same terminal? 

Hello Andrew,

I have expected changes in my system to the better form the pinnacle but what  has happened after installing it, is beyond anything I have heard before and I estimated my system as already quite good - except a suttle harshness in the highs, which always stayed whatever I trtied or invested in..
This is now completely gone and listening has become another dimension of relaxation through the whole energetic spectrum.

Therefore I will repeat amd therby confirm what you have been claiming on your website:

Overall dynamic expression, three dimensional soundstage, background darkness, density, vocal smoothness, instruments separation, space hierarchy, clarity and transparency and  in particular timbre.

What is left to do now is getting the more sophisticated cables in a while.

Very warm regards
             Arrived safely.........fantastic protective packaging........the Signature is a really beautiful design..........the ground cables are well beyond any grounding cable I have ever used or seen......Synergistic Ground cables are not comparable in quality.
            Attached the ground cables to the specific Signal Ground on the Esoteric K-05Xs SACD player and to a spare RCA jack on the Copland CSA-150. Results so far after 10 minutes........bass performance and quality really enhanced.......mid range and treble immediately improved........smooth and silky. My loudspeakers are Wilson Benesch Vector Floorstanders and they have not performed at "this" level......ever!!
             Weird the sound is louder at my normal listening setting but not complaining at all just turned it down. I congratulate you on making a truly exceptional product. Other Grounding systems I have owned.....SR Ground Block and Foundation level ENTREQ Silver Minimus Ground Box plus Constantin cables.........neither was in the same street as your SGS 1 Signature......not even close!

Mick Brown