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The 8 post Pinnacle is a fruition from a highly experienced audiophile who commissioned SGS to build a state of the art Grounding device, It is Two 4 x Binding post units in one completely separate from one another. Each side has a unique D.C input by means of a supplied usb cable connected to a smart phone battery pack, this reduces further static buildup, increasing further overall transparency. 2 extra large procores are added on each side for Emi/Rfi rejection with copper and silver/gold ribbons connected to each of the state of the art binding posts with the best possible conductivity without any solder joints. The overall effect is simply quite surprising in what now is achieved with increased dynamic range, enhancement of in particular the lower ranges and upper with more noticeable nuances and timbre not heard before, like a system change,the overall effect is much greater musical enjoyment period.

We use the absolute finest of materials sourced from no fewer than 6 countries and materials ranging from Mundorf and Duelund, Only the very finest binding posts produced are used as detailed below :- The body is made from a 20mm diameter tellurium copper bar which is obviously done with numerically controlled unit.

The receptacle that houses the bare cable has been designed to allow the use of conductors starting from the size of a hair up to 40 sq mm always guaranteeing an absolute tightening the dimensions are 7.8 x 5.3 mm


The part facing inside the device is designed to accept conductors up to 4.5 AWG, therefore 5mm in diameter or 20mm2 in section. There are two possibilities for fixing the cable: tightening with a double stainless steel hexagon socket screw with brass insert on the contact or brazing. A large slot made at 90 ° with respect to the fixing screws allows a "casting" of solid silver tin alloy as long as a soldering station of adequate power and quality is available.


  The cable clamping mechanism on the outside is not the classic twist mechanism, it is an actuator with linear piston movement that avoids twisting the cable and allows perfect tightening with minimal effort. The piston, also in tellurium copper, has a series of circular millings at the contact point to allow a stable and definitive locking, it is set in motion by an ergonomically shaped knob of 30 mm in diameter in anodised aluminium in the two colours red and black for the distinction of polarity. The overall weight of each single terminal is 165 grams of which 130 grams of tellurium copper A gold-plated brass locking ring combined with an o-ring to fluidise the movement makes the whole of the parts integral The insulation consists of two circular and shaped elements of virgin PTFE. Two small 1 mm stainless steel pins prevent rotation of the assembly in case the hole in the panel cannot be shaped The last refinement is the non-commercial fixing nut but made especially in tellurium copper to further lower the electrical resistance of the terminal. ( Dunblane , Scotland . ) TEL 01786 357425.