When looking to fill the gap from the Zebrano Signature plus to the Pinnacle range, we looked at what had been learned from the mighty Pinnacle range , we have incorporated some of the internal design materials from the Pinnacle. 

Here we have the Extreme range,starting with the 2 silver bespoke post model,this has more authority than the Zebrano plus with increased musicality ,Tonal Density, Speed, and reaching further into the soundscape picking up more nuances,timbre,layering.The listener involvement is very much in abundance,always providing a rather surprising and fully enjoyable musical experience. Together with the two one and a half meter extreme cables optimised for this application ,themselves providing the vital links required for that Extreme experience.

Usually the DAC, media player, preamplifier or integrated amplifier is the first connection to be made.

Connect the supplied cable/s  to the grounding device, either with the cable lug or with the banana, then connect the copper lab clamp to the cabinet (loosen a cabinet screw if you prefer ), listen to it for an hour or two, then replace it and connect it to a spare RCA ( a RCA jumper is supplied). Listen again for about the same amount of time and decide which you prefer. The chassis or the RCA  signal ground )

Repeat this process with the next auxiliary device and decide which is best for maximum performance.

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