The Pinnacle x1s is, in short, simply extraordinary. Its ability, along with the included cable, to further enhance resolution, dynamic range, laser imaging, front-to-back layering, musical flow, listener involvement, timbre and sheer clarity is an absolute ear opener.

Now in a piano finish that enriches the patina of the rich red hue of the selected wood and our special Pinnacle binding post , with several kilograms more mass with our new Lamicore and further improved shielding to accelerate the elimination of unwanted noise generated by the ancillaries.

Our Pinnacle x-cable ( with proprietary filter) is specifically designed to connect directly to the tonearm ground post of phono stages and is suitable for both analogue and digital applications. The connection is very apparent in a few seconds and will be further improved in the next few days, which also applies to all other additional devices.

With the X 1s, its the quality of the connection to ones ancillary, not just the quantity. One connection to your chosen dac, preamp,phono,power supply etc is more beneficial than multi connections from a lesser performing grounding unit.

We also supply different grades of thick stranded silver/copper cables with silk inner sheathing and proprietary filters added to the raw wire,these also have a very noticeable impact.

They can be sent out on loan for customers evaluation at a later date.

The 1 meter cable supplied is of very high quality with single crystal copper and proprietary filter.

You can connect more than one cable to the X 1s, either signal or chassis ground, do not mix up.

Size of the X 1s is approx 300mm W x 200mm D x 125 H plus 30mm for footers.